Mendocino by Jared Elizares

It’s been a while since my lat entry, and so much has changed in the two years hence. The Fujifilm TX-1 was (FOOLISHLY) sold and replaced with a Canon 7 rangefinder, with the legendary 50mm f/0.95. This, in turn, was also FOOLISHLY sold for more medium and large format gear. Apparently, I can’t get enough of giant, cumbersome cameras that cost a fortune and cause all sorts of back problems. I’ll eventually have to share my thoughts about the Intrepid 8x10 Mk I, the Deardorff V8 that replaced it, the VDS Ultralight that replaced the Deardorff, and why i finally ended up back with Intrepid for the Mk II. Stories for another day.

I really haven’t shot much 35mm in recent years, and even the TX-1 was kind of an anomaly for me. Imagine my surprise to find out how much I missed the format! I recently snagged a Nikon F and 50mm Ai-S pancake lens, specifically for a trip planned to Mendocino, California - and only because I don’t own a digital camera at the moment. I was really looking for something light and simple to carry for casual snapshots while on vacation - a point and shoot would have been preferred, but I’m pretty stubborn and refuse to pay the current price for premium compacts like the Contax T2, Nikon 35Ti, Ricoh GR-1, and the like.

Anyway, I had a blast shooting expired Kodak 200 and some unbranded drug store films. These are perfectly imperfect shots that remind me of the time that I was devoted to Lomography. Enjoy!